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Simple, Practical
Pocket Book!

It’s a meeting not rocket science helps teams
have more focused and fun meetings so they can
make better decisions together, switch each other on
and create real organisational value.

Any group of people who meet for any kind of meeting can benefit from these three simple roles. They are seriously effective and fun too.

With four helpful tools you will make meetings easier, faster and more accurate. Each tool has been tested and they are proven to add value.

Meetings shouldn’t be a waste of time. They should be productive and energetic and focused. By using four basic rules that’s what you’ll get! 

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A simple but not simplistic way of thinking about how to create productive meetings. I love the style of this book – short, fun and well-designed. Lots of good ideas and easy to use and adopt tools.

I love this pocket rocket book. It’s easy to read, it’s funny and it’s as if the author has been present in one of my meetings. This book has certainly given me some tools and techniques to improve my meetings.

This is an awesome little book. If you like to be practical and pragmatic you will get something out of this book to improve the ways you get things done with others.

As a leading non-scientist with zero knowledge of rockets Jason Moore offers simple and practical solutions to real-world problems faced by real people in the real world.

Jason Moore is the founder of At Our Best, a consultancy that partners with organisations and teams to help them be at their best more of the time.

Jason genuinely believes, together we can make work (and the world) a better place. To that end he works with organisations across Europe, Asia, Latin and North America, South Africa, India and Australia.

Get free updates from Jason on better meetings and other simple techniques to make work better.

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