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Author: jasonmoore

New and improved MEETING MANUAL out now!!

Two years ago I wrote It’s a Meeting not Rocket Science because I wanted to make a difference to the quality of the millions of meetings that happen every day. The book focuses on some simple, practical and proven better meeting habits that came from ten years of applied research. For example, we know that almost all groups that appoint a TimeKeeper find meetings get magically shorter (I did tell…

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The simple art of Stop it!

Forty-two percent of the people who have completed the Better Meeting Assessment say they hope improving their meetings will lead to less of them. The focus of this book is on better, not fewer meetings. Although most people say their meetings are shorter, I can’t promise you will have fewer meetings after applying what you learn here, but I do think fewer is better. Bob Newhart, the American comedian, has…

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How to bake in a healthy dose of continuous improvement.

I heard there are more than 3 billion meetings per year! That’s over 13.5 million meetings every working day. You’d think we would be getting good at them by not, but about a third, according to research, are still a waste of time. One easy thing we could do to fix that is to answer two simple questions at the end of a meeting: What did we do well? And:…

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Check-in before people check out!

According to research, $37 Billion a year is wasted in unproductive and ineffective meetings. That’s an appalling waste of money, talent and energy! One thing we can do to quickly improve our meetings – by encouraging people to connect and get focused – is to use the simple practice of checking in at the start of a meeting. This has become a ritual for pilots, surgeons and switched on business…

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Someone has to make a proposal!

Recent research estimates the time we spend in unproductive and ineffective meetings is equal to 45 full work days a year. Imagine being stuck in meeting hell for a month and a half! One thing we can do is implement some basic rules. For example, someone has to make a proposal. Discourage people from continuously bouncing from one idea to the next. Instead, encourage meeting attendees to put forward definite…

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Introducing the Better Meeting Assessment

I am so excited to launch the Better Meeting Assessment today because I know the difference really good meetings can make. Now anyone can immediately improve the quality and outputs of their meetings. And it’s FREE! If you would benefit from better, more effective meetings I encourage you to find three minutes to complete the assessment and, if you find the personalised report useful, like this post and/or send this link to…

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