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Category: rules

Someone has to make a proposal!

Recent research estimates the time we spend in unproductive and ineffective meetings is equal to 45 full work days a year. Imagine being stuck in meeting hell for a month and a half! One thing we can do is implement some basic rules. For example, someone has to make a proposal. Discourage people from continuously bouncing from one idea to the next. Instead, encourage meeting attendees to put forward definite…

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Introducing the Better Meeting Assessment

I am so excited to launch the Better Meeting Assessment today because I know the difference really good meetings can make. Now anyone can immediately improve the quality and outputs of┬átheir┬ámeetings. And it’s FREE! If you would benefit from better, more effective meetings I encourage you to find three minutes to complete the assessment and, if you find the personalised report useful, like this post and/or send this link to…

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