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Check-in before people check out!

According to research, $37 Billion a year is wasted in unproductive and ineffective meetings. That’s an appalling waste of money, talent and energy!

One thing we can do to quickly improve our meetings – by encouraging people to connect and get focused – is to use the simple practice of checking in at the start of a meeting. This has become a ritual for pilots, surgeons and switched on business professionals because it creates openness, helps us better understand each other and breaks down hierarchies.

The Check-in only takes a few minutes at the start of the meeting. Each person quickly answers two questions: What am I feeling? and What could prevent me from being fully present? It’s unbelievable how much value – including shorter, better meetings – you can get from a small investment like this.

Another example: it only takes three minutes to complete the FREE Better Meetings Assessment and you’ll receive a personalised report with specific actions that will immediately improve the quality of your meetings:

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