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New and improved MEETING MANUAL out now!!

Two years ago I wrote It’s a Meeting not Rocket Science because I wanted to make a difference to the quality of the millions of meetings that happen every day. The book focuses on some simple, practical and proven better meeting habits that came from ten years of applied research. For example, we know that almost all groups that appoint a TimeKeeper find meetings get magically shorter (I did tell you it wasn’t rocket science).

Since 2016 I have learned even more Р mostly about what stops well-intended people from making change happen. Most people agree the quality and outputs of their meetings are often poor but change still eludes them Рeven when they have the answers at hand. So I have updated the book (available now to remove as much immunity to change as possible. There are no excuses not to have meetings that people love and cherish!

What is new?

One of the things I’ve learned over the past two years is, less is more. With that in mind, I have taken out some of the roles and tools. I still believe in them, but I noticed the biggest change came from the two most important roles and three super helpful tools. I’ve also added a tool – the Balcony – which I started researching after the publication of the first edition. Now, you’ll find two simple roles, three helpful tool and four basic rules.

I have also added more evidence in the introduction, been even clearer why the four basic rules matter and I have updated the cover. Now, you really do have a manual for meeting that anyone can use to immediately improve the quality and effectiveness of meetings.

The book is available now on Amazon. for just 6.99.

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