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How to bake in a healthy dose of continuous improvement.

I heard there are more than 3 billion meetings per year! That’s over 13.5 million meetings every working day. You’d think we would be getting good at them by not, but about a third, according to research, are still a waste of time.

One easy thing we could do to fix that is to answer two simple questions at the end of a meeting: What did we do well? And: What could we do next time to make the meeting even better? Then, make a commitment to lock in the things that work and experiment with new ideas. I call this the Periscope. It helps the group capture learnings at the end of a meeting, with the goal of improving future meetings. When used consistently the Periscope produces results in a short time.

Improving the quality of meetings is not rocket science. There are no excuses for a poor meeting. Take the FREE Better Meetings Assessment here: http://survey.itsameeting.comand find out how to immediately make your meetings more productive, effective and satisfying.

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